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Minneapolis Handyman provides home remodeling tips for homeowners.  Here is an article written by Keith Paul, founder of HandyPro Handyman Services, about deciding if it is time to replace windows:

How do I know if I need my windows replaced?

There are many signs to watch out for that will let you know when it is time to replace your windows. It is easy to determine this yourself in simple tests. Windows have a big impact on your home’s value as well as heating and cooling bills.

Terry Burke, owner of NorthWest Construction of Dearborn, says the top three signs to use to determine when it is time to replace windows are energy efficiency, performance and appearance.

Burke believes energy efficiency is the most important part of the assessment. “The first sign would be the energy efficiency aspect. Whether the windows are drafty, if frost forms in the winter or if furniture is fading because of UV rays,” says Burke. Any of these signs show that you’re losing heat in the winter or gaining heat in the summer.

If your windows have frost or condensation buildup, it means the windows are not insulating your house properly. The extra moisture that forms inside the home can cause a lot of damage to any wood or trim around the window. The buildup can create mold or make the wood rot. If the area by your windows either feels colder in the winter or warmer in the summer, then they are letting in the outdoor temperatures. This will ultimately affect your heating and electrical bills.

An easy trick that I’ve used successfully to determine if there is a draft or an under maintained window is the flickering candle trick. Hold a lit candle and move slowly around windows -- if you have a draft the flame will flicker.

An obvious sign is operation failure. When windows begin to stick or you are no longer able to open and close them, it is time to replace. This can be caused by wood warping or the failure of hardware within the window. If you have just one window with these problems, short term solutions may include lubricating the gliding window tracks or hardware or simply replacing simple pieces of hardware that get broken overtime because of regular use.

I’ve seen many windows replaced when it was truly not necessary and was due to deteriorating caulk. Throughout the life of your windows maintenance is needed. Caulk needs to be replaced to ensure airtight fit in the wall; it also helps keep out water. When caulk is dry and cracked, it should be completely removed and replaced with new caulk. Windows need to be cleaned, inside and out, including the hardware to contribute to better performance.

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